South East London zine fair

I found some gems at the South East London zine fair yesterday. It was held in the back room of a pub in New Cross and it was dark, but the tables were jammed full of drawings and stories that shone out of the gloom.

The fair made me realise again how physical life and the internet go well together - I picked up a few 3D hand made bits and bobs, which I probably wouldn't have come across online, then I took them home and explored further via www, finding more work by the people that had made them. Here are some of my real-life finds:

This is a tape that I haven't listened to yet and I don't know who made it. It was on a stall run by 'Editions Ff You.'  They sell music that has been self-released and you can investigate them here:

This desperate running man with jazzy trousers was invented by a shy but persuasive salesman called Billy. He has a psychadelic website. Make sure the volume on your computer is not 100% before you click:

 I bought this 'Heavier than metal' zine as a present for my boyfriend, who enjoys listening to that Kiss album that true Kiss fans hate. The Kiss concept opera! The girl who made this has a blog here:

The zine has illustrations of various 'hair metal' men, and quotes from them which signify that they are men of metal.

This zine is about football and is also a present so I hope my friend Andy doesn't see this blog! It's by another illustrator who's work you can see here: This sport related zine seems to be an anomaly i.e. you won't find zines by him on ice skating/shot putting/relay racing.