DIYC: Going Underground

The bicycle is my go-to mode of transport in London. I am happy to cycle in all weathers and am not put off by a long journey, from one side of the city to the other. However, sometimes if I have to carry something particularly large or heavy, I do get on the public transport system, and often find myself staring at the patterned floors and seat covers, wishing I could wear them.

This lovely dove grey, egg shell speckled flooring can be found on the newly refurbished Overground line that travels from Stratford in the east all the way to Richmond in the west.

I love the trainers that Urban Remade have created, using discarded fabrics from the London Underground trains. I had the pleasure of borrowing this pair for a DIYcouture photoshoot. I used them to style the 'Rude Disco' collection for my book for Laurence King. They are made using fabric from the Metropolitan Line.

With many people from around the world suddenly arriving in London for the 2012 Olympics, I started to think of all the new pairs of eyes that will be looking at - and sitting and stepping on - the prints and patterns on our modes of public transport. This inspired me to design a fantasy DIYcouture collection in fabrics from the London Underground.

This is the DIYcouture 'grecian dress,' designed with seat fabric I photographed on the District Line, with a Victoria Line backdrop.

This is a strapless version of the DIYcouture 'romper.' I have designed it with seating fabric from the Overground line, but have changed the colours, as in real life this pattern is orange and brown and has a rather old fashione feel that reminds me of my great aunty's old curtains.

This is the DIYcouture waistcoat it the two different shades of grey Overground flooring, and the straight skirt in District Line seat fabric.

To complete my London Underground fashion fabric fantasy, here is a collage of me in London, wearing a District Line slouch top and speckled Overground trousers. I wish I truly were skipping about the streets of London wearing these beautiful prints.


  1. This post makes me smile! I, too, very often see patterns and wish I could have them on fabric. I particularily love the structure in orange or lemon segments, on bread slices (all the little holes) or in brickwalls or tiles... Maybe you should try and find out who did the fabric design for London underground and contact him or her :) or simply give a order to spoonflower.

  2. Ah thanks Anne, glad you enjoyed it : ). Yes. I'm a little unsure of the copyright for these patterns. An extreme close-up of an orange/lemon segment would make a beautiful design and you could be safe in the knowledge you weren't infringing anyone's artistic rights.

    Best wishes and thanks for commenting : )-

    Rosie x


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