Before and after; harmony in pastel

I spent last weekend in Liverpool and the surrounds with my family and boyfriend. Unfortunately, I didn't get time to visit any of the fabric shops that were recommended to me on Twitter by @Liverpool_fi, @madscouser and @sewingdirectory. However, I did get time to visit New Brighton where my Dad grew up, where we did have time to buy too much fudge and have a go on the dodgems and the waltzer.

My boyfriend and I also had time to visit both the Tate Liverpool and the Walker Art Centre, where we saw this beautiful painting by Dan Hays, called 'Harmony in Green.' 

We managed to squeeze in a good rummage through some of the brilliant second hand clothing shops that Liverpool seems to be blessed with. There are two streets dotted with vintage shops stocking good quality and unusual garments at very reasonable prices. With the colours of candy floss and John Hays' dreamy hamster cage still in my brain, I stumbled across the skirt; a soft piece of fabric displaying a dreamy pastel landscape. It was mine for just four pounds. It was also rather large.

The scene on the skirt reminds me of a fantasy Hawaiin landscape, something that could have been conjured up by Hawaiin artist Arman Manookian.

Arman Manookian - Coral Tree by Black Point

Arman Manookian - Ala Wai, Honolulu

Arman Manookian - Hawaiin Boy and Girl

I considered taking the skirt in by trimming both sides, but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of any of this beautiful fabric. Instead, I added two strips of elastic to the back of the skirt, gathering the waist so that it fit me.

Here is the refitted skirt, with the harmonious tropical dreamscape fully displayed.

I am very happy with this amazing second hand find. I would love to know who made it and when, but the label has faded over the years. All that remains legible are the familiar words, 'Made in India.' 

I am not a natural skirt wearer, so if anyone has any suggestions as to what kind of top would look good with this please do let me know!