The shame of disorder

This is just a quick post to share with you the current condition of my sewing (and everything else) desk. When I look at this I hear my Mum's voice saying "Rosemary Martin!" in a way that simultaneously says "you should be ashamed of yourself!"
 For the last month I have been sewing the DIYcouture Autumn/Winter collection in all my spare moments, on top of a few million other deadlines, and my ability to maintain order seems to have gone out of the window. 

My desk conjures up various pieces of oft quoted wisdom along the lines of "a messy environment points to a messy mind," as well as the saying "all beginnings and endings of human undertakings are untidy." In my case, the middles are untidy too.
I admire people's impeccably well organised workspaces, with colour coordinated thread displays, and post-it notes positioned in even grid formations spelling out week by week project plans. This is a kind of idyllic state I am currently dreaming of.
I am shooting the new collection on Monday, with the gorgeous Rachel from House of Pinheiro modelling. I hope that after that I can regain control of my physical environment.


  1. I prefer the nietzche quote "One must have chaos in one's life to give birth to a dancing star"

    My partner doesn't agree though!

  2. Haha! I like this one too, though I must acknowledge that a dancing star leaves a trail of destruction! : ) xx

  3. I can't wait to see your Autumn/Winter collection! I also just got your book today. It's amazing and I'm looking forward to starting my first project.


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