Jumper of the week #01 - "Au Revoir"

It's that time of year where one layer of clothing is no longer enough and jumpers all over the upper hemisphere are dusted off and donned as defense against cold weather. I have a modest collection of  jumpers that I adore. I can't knit (I have learned a few times but always lose interest - my Grandma Smith would be ashamed) so I tend to buy my jumpers second hand.

Inspired by a Twitter campaign by bespoke knitwear creators Where's Me Jumper, which uses the hash tag #showusyourknits, I have decided to expose my knits to the internet public. This is my most recent aquisition, bought for £2.50 at a charity shop on Well Street in Hackney. Though it is usually too uncomfortable to drum in wool, I couldn't bear to part with my Au Revoir jumper last time I recorded with my band.

The Au Revoir jumper gets around. Here it is in Vancouver, being splashed with molecules of ready mixed Canadian macaroni and cheese. 

Strangers tend to address me in French when I wear the Au Revoir jumper, and I usually look at them blankly, not understanding that my woolen slogan has caught their attention. I need to start brushing up on some witty or conversational replies. Any suggestions welcome!


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