Honk honk; thread-truck fix 'em up

I have been wanting to get some sort of thread rack for quite a while, so that I could arrange my threads in an orderly manner and bring them out into the open, rather than having them stuffed in drawers, hidden from sight. I haven't been able to bring myself to pay money for one of the clear plastic thread organisers that seem to prevail in the world of online sewing accessories, nor have I found the time to follow one of the various online tutorials for making one from scratch.

When I spotted a giant plastic truck sitting on the pavement outside a junk shop in south London a few weeks ago I had an idea. It must have been built as a display case for matchbox vehicles, but the compartments looked the perfect size to hold threads.

I drove the truck home, loaded it up and set it in place. When I opened the doors to access the contents, the vehicle dumped it's load onto the floor. Rather than abandoning my masculine thread holder idea, I decided to build small ridges at the edge of each compartment, to prevent the threads from rolling merrily away. I had a few packets of out-of-date Sugru in my cupboard, and decided to risk using it.

I rolled the Sugru into long skinny sausages of (very) roughly even width, chopped the sausages into shorter lengths and pressed them onto the edges of the shelves.

I left the Sugru to dry over night then put my threads aboard the truck once more. Honk honk! My threads are now travelling safely on my sewing superliner.


  1. Thank you! I think I actually need a fleet of trucks to contain all my threads xx


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