Jumper of the week #02 - "Lawn Of Death"

Just a quick post to share with you another of my dearly beloved winter knits. The jumper I have been mostly wearing this week comes from a massive outlet of Value Village in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).

The deep emerald reminds me of the colour I painted a room I once lived in. The paint was called 'Jungle Green,' and when sleeping surrounded by it, I liked to imagine I was in the Brazilian rain forest.

Instead of blue skies and leaping monkeys, the green on my jumper lives side by side with an Edgar Allen Poe-esque creeping blackness, which is probably why my boyfriend has nick named the jumper 'Lawn of Death.'

Here I like to think I combine gothic evil with tropical jungle ape, as does my jumper.

Thank you very much to whoever decided to send this beauty of a jumper to a second hand shop.


  1. Theres' something really nice about that jumper, plus the green colour matches my current nail polish!!
    As I say one womans junk is anothers treasure, great find!!

    1. Oo I would love nail polish in jungle green : ) Happy new year xx


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