It smells, it rattles and it tweets like a bird

It's my birthday tomorrow and the staff at my workplace Bag Books made me a special multi-sensory birthday 'card.' Here it is for you to see, though simply looking at it does not really do it justice.

The heart is a small, strokeable cushion made of soft fleece. The spider has indestructible rubber legs that can be pulled and stretched. The little bird at the bottom left is actually a sound pad, which chirrups when pressed.

As I love drinking coffee, I have been treated to a scattering of real coffee beans that give of a beautiful aroma. The carrot cushion is hanging from a drum stick, which can be taken off and used to hit stuff!

To top it off, the whole glorious creation can be worn as a necklace. I intend to wear it to the very end of the pier at Southend-On-Sea tomorrow. This is the longest pleasure pier in the world and I'm sure the weather at the very tip will add to my multi-sensory birthday experience!


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