Cloud computing tornado of destruction

All the images have been deleted from my blog so please forgive the round grey 'no entry' signs that have magically replaced them. Gradually, piece by piece, I will re link all the photos but it's going to take a while!

In the mean time and as a peaceful interlude, here is a picture of a lovely rug I recently had the pleasure of walking on.

Rosie xx


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    1. My phone went to the repair shop and when it came back it had been synced with Google, without me realising. I big folder of images popped up on my phone and I thought I'd delete it to save space. Turns out it was all my blog images! 5 minutes later - blank blog! Ah well, worse things have happened and I have indeed learned my lesson. xx

  2. Since All the images have been deleted from your blog so be care for not happen
    in future.Ha..Ha..Ha..

    cloud computing


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