Fabric free-for-all for Londoners

I'm planning a big fabric give away session as I need to cut down on my embarrassingly large fabric collection. This will be a physical give away happening in the 3D real world, and probably a bit of a social session too.

Stitchers of London! If you are interested do email me on diycouture [@] googlemail.com for the details.

This is all that needs to go. I would love it to go to good homes where it can fulfil its destiny.

Rosie xx


  1. I just hostet a supplies-swap-party myself and it was absolutely amazing how well it went. I nearly got rid of all the fabric I had no use for anymore and got loads of cool new material. So have fun at your own fabric give away session!
    By the way: Happy new year, Rosie!

  2. So sad I missed this! I got your book for Christmas and it's so great.


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