Warm winter disco wedges

There are DIY glitter shoe tutorials all over the internet at the moment. I don't tend to play with shoes so I must thank Geneva at A Pair & a Spare for inspiring me to give glitter a go. I had a pair of neglected ankle boots that I have barely worn because of the beige rubber wedge. I couldn't get over the texture and colour of this wedge, it looked like something medical, or like the skin from the top of a Klingon's head (there's nothing wrong with it on a Klingon but it doesn't look very nice on a shoe).

However, the boots were too good to sit indoors, never feeling the touch of a loving foot. With a few bits and bobs I managed a glittery transformation that I'm proud of. I bought a multipack of various glitters at my local £1 shop.

 I prepared the wedge, rubbing it with nail polish remover to remove any industrial coating then scratching it with a stanley knife to rough up the surface. I put masking tape all around the shoe to protect it. Protecting the floor is a ripped up copy of Stylist magazine, which is given away free in London on Wednesdays. If you look carefully here you can see a picture of black boots with sparkly gold heels, which my wedges were aspiring to surpass.

I tipped all of the different colours of glitter together into an empty jar and stirred in some glue. I used Mod Podge, which I found in my local art shop. It is apparently a very useful glue. It is transparent once dry and I am hoping it is weather resistant. Mod Podge has serious fans, someone has even made a blog about all the things she does with it.

I doused my brush with the glue and painted it all over the ugly wedges.

 I let the first layer dry over night then painted another layer over the top. Once dry, I pealed off all the masking tape and I now own a beautiful a pair of warm winter disco wedges. I just need to practice walking in heels.


  1. This looks so lovely! I love this DIY ♥

    xoxo, Laura

  2. How cool they look now! Would like to try something like that myself... Thanks for your tips!

    Isabel x

    "I" is for Isabel

  3. amazing! i have glitter boots and need to re-glitter them. did you buy it in london? any craft shop suggestions i'd love to hear!

  4. Hi Paula, cool - you should be able to get the glue/glitter anywhere. I got the Modge Podge glue from Argun Stationers under the railway bridge in Hackney, near Tesco. I got the multipack of glitter from a pound stretchers on Chatsworth Road in Homerton! Have fun glittering xx

    1. thanks! im in homerton so that is perfect! X


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